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Need work environment solutions that can keep up with your career? That can accommodate your space and budget needs? That puts you right where you need to be… in the heart of the action and in one of Florida’s most exciting business hubs. Looking for coworking space in downtown Tampa Harbour island?

How does 601 South Harbour Island Blvd Suite 109, Tampa Florida sound? 

Office Evolution is a pioneer and leader in flexible work environments. We not only keep pace with the world of work, but also anticipate the needs of today’s professionals. Members access the only national network of workspaces close to home that offer unmatched affordability, safety – and innovation. 

For many freelancers, independent contractors, startups, and fully remote or hybrid employees, the goal of attaining office space in a highly sought-after business district like Downtown Tampa seems out of reach from a financial and logistical standpoint. This is why we exist; this is why we have created dynamic, diverse, and fully inclusive solutions. 

What other goals can we help you achieve?

Private and Shared Office Space In Harbour Island

Why opt for a private office or shared workspace in Harbour Island? Across the Garrison Channel, Harbour Island neighbors Downtown Tampa, one of the South’s most important and vital business districts. Once a railroad hub, today, the island community boasts hotels, retail spaces, restaurants, clubs, parks, and beautiful residential areas. 

Just a few minutes from Downtown Tampa with easy access to Tampa International Airport, major transportation routes, and a wide array of convenient services and amenities, this locale features the best of west central Florida views, culture, and business and career opportunities. It is also home to some of the most innovative, inclusive work environments in the region.

Office Evolution provides flexible solutions that work for you in Harbour Island’s vibrant downtown. Surround yourself with stunning 360° water views, motivated, inspiring professionals, and an environment that is ideally suited to productivity, connection, engagement, and satisfaction.

Harbour Island - Small Conference Room

Benefits of Private Office and Coworking Space Tampa

Studies show that creating connections within the workplace is one of the biggest determinants of job satisfaction. At the same time, people with private offices or office space are shown to be happier, less stressed, more innovative, and better focused. Sometimes, you just need to close your door. 

Whether you need to talk to a partner, investor, or client, complete a challenge report or project, practice a speech, work the phones, or turn on your tunes, block out distractions, and get creative, you can do it all in a relaxing environment in the heart of a dynamic downtown area.

Given the world of work and its breakneck pace of change, it is difficult to see into the future and predict what’s going to happen, especially when it comes to your business growth. Signing a multi-year lease – with restrictive terms and a burdensome monthly payment – is simply not a feasible option for many professionals. Office Evolution gives you the space you need to grow at your own pace while remaining flexible enough to meet both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s needs. You are in control with the freedom to choose on a month-to-month basis.

If you are not ready or do not need a private office, we offer a number of other solutions that are tailored to your goals:

  • Dedicated Workspace. You will enjoy the benefits of a private office at a lower price point. Included in your fully furnished workplace is a locking file cabinet, locked door, a monthly allotment of meeting room time, nationwide discounts, 24/7 access to Office Evolution shared workspace locations across the country, professional business address, private mailbox, live answer and transfer phone services, high-speed wifi, and wired internet connection. 

*Private office and dedicated workspace pricing starts at $499.00/month.

  • Shared office space/coworking space. When you want more connection, a sense of community and casual chats over coffee with diverse professionals, the shared office and coworking space in Harbour Island delivers. You will have 24/7 access to Tampa Office Evolution shared workspaces, discounts on meeting space in both our Harbour Island and Westshore Business District locations, comfortable business lounges, printing, scanning and faxing, high-speed wifi, and complimentary local Kahwa Coffee, gourmet tea, and filtered water. 

*Shared office and coworking space pricing starts at just $139.00/month.

Businesses and professionals can easily overextend their budgets when trying to secure office space, spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each month. If their business contracts or their needs change (e.g. their team becomes more geographically dispersed to accommodate needs/growth), they are left with a multi-year situation that is harming, rather than helping.

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With Office Evolution, you have space in an exciting and sought-after business district, the cachet and prestige of an excellent location, and the flexibility to grow on your own terms. With simple, affordable, monthly options, choosing private or shared office space in Downtown Tampa Harbour Island is one of the easiest business decisions you will ever make. 

Contact Office Evolution today; we are happy to answer any questions and schedule a walk-through of our innovative Harbour Island location.