Why Rent Private Office Space During a Pandemic?

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More people than ever are looking for private office rentals. Since 2020, it has been business as unusual. We have lived in a whirlwind of closures, tightening restrictions, reopenings, looser guidelines…. And back again. There is no doubt that the pandemic upended the world, impacting everything from how we socialize to how we learn to how – and where – we work. 

Tens of millions of us were sent home to work remotely, and according to recent stats, more than half want to stay there. While many sites are concerned about virus exposure as a reason, many others point to the flexibility they have at home.

At the same time, too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Productivity, job satisfaction, and mental health can suffer if we begin to feel too isolated, too distracted by kids, pets, spouses, chores, etc, and too pressured to perform without sufficient support. There’s a solution that balances the desire to work remotely with the need for more structure: rent a private office. 

Why Private Office Rental During a Pandemic Makes Sense 

So… rent a private office because you don’t want to go to the office? Does this seem like a contradiction? At first glance, perhaps, but let’s dig down into why taking this step makes sense.

  • Safety and Peace of Mind. With a private office rental, you can more easily observe social distancing guidelines – or even be more stringent than the requirements, if that is a safer route for you (and your family). By its nature, this space limits interruptions and distractions, and you control who comes in and when (if anyone!). No more random pop-ins to “touch base”! You set the parameters. 
  • Extra Safety and Peace of Mind. Office rental providers follow strict cleaning protocols. All common areas are sanitized regularly (not just once a day when the cleaning crew comes in, as is typical in a standard office environment), and personnel wear masks, sanitize their hands appropriately, and keep their (polite, respectful, safe) distance.
  • Boosted Productivity. One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that you are constantly distracted. It could be the pile of dirty laundry or dishes that are calling to you. It could be your children who are calling to you. It could be your partner, or friends, or neighbors who think that just because you’re home, you’re available for chats, babysitting, and other free-time activities. It’s not enough to close a door; these distractions can be louder, more intrusive, and more constant than you can handle.

A private office space removes you from situations in which you feel compelled to wash the dishes or have an hour-long coffee talk with your chatty neighbor during peak work times. Free from these obstacles, you can concentrate and get down to work.

  • A Little Structure Goes a Long Way. Now, flexibility is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of working remotely. You don’t lose that when you rent a private office. However, you do gain some essential structure. Even something as simple as waking up, getting dressed, and going to a dedicated workspace (that is not the dining room table or couch) sets the stage for productivity and creativity. 
  • Social On Your Terms. Many of us draw energy from others; this is why folks who work from home often go to coffee shops or libraries. Even if they’re not directly engaging with people, they find that surrounding themselves with others who are working increases productivity. In a flexible office environment, you also have the opportunity for socialization on your terms. You can pop into the common area for a coffee and chat with a peer about progress on your project or ask how their presentation is coming. A few minutes of chitchat can revitalize us for our work. (And you can make invaluable connections to further your business and/or career!).
  • Office Space That’s Budget-Friendly. Renting office space, particularly in upscale markets, such as Tampa or Harbour Island, is not only expensive – it is often cost-prohibitive. By taking advantage of flexible rental arrangements, you can enjoy the prestige and convenience of a particular location without locking yourself into a burdensome lease that drains profitability. 

You will also be able to access onsite amenities that further boost your return on investment, including: 

  • A shared receptionist to greet guests/visitors
  • Admin support
  • Common areas, such as kitchen, lunchroom/cafe, breakrooms, lounges, and outdoor spaces
  • Conference and training room rentals for larger meetings (still enabling social distancing)
  • Cleaning services
  • WiFi, printers, digital whiteboards, and other office tech essentials
  • Comfortable and contemporary furnishings, desks, etc.
  • Professional Image. If you are going to meet with potential clients, vendors, partners, financers, etc., it doesn’t send the right message if you invite them into your living room. Especially if you’re in your PJs. As mentioned, you can secure space in highly sought-after locations that impress guests and put them in close proximity to hotels, transit, airports, shops, restaurants, parking, etc.
  • Ultimate Flexibility. Sometimes, the best way to boost productivity and satisfaction is to change the scenery. This can make all the difference when it comes to not only your output but how you feel about your work. With flexible rental arrangements, you can reserve private office space when you want. It’s all on your terms. Maybe you are heading into a major project, and need a month of closed-door, distraction-free time. Maybe you are launching a new product and need to meet with developers or investors in a private environment. Whatever your business needs, private office rentals can accommodate. 

If you want a more structured space that is conducive to productivity, creativity, safety, and wellbeing, contact Office Evolution. We have private office rentals that will meet your needs – and exceed your expectations.