What Makes a Good Private Office Space In Downtown Tampa

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The world of work is evolving. As entrepreneurs, we must change with it. We tend to think in terms of what we do, how we do it, or even why. But we need to consider where we work. The physical environment, and the business culture it fosters and facilitates, have a tremendous impact on our ability to achieve the productivity and quality we need to compete – and thrive. When you are looking at coworking or private office space in Downtown Tampa, then, what exactly should you expect? And what should you demand from your workplace? 

Downtown Tampa Bay Coworking Spaces and Private Offices 

By 2024, it is projected that 5 million Americans will take advantage of coworking space. Growth dipped during the pandemic, but demand is surging again. In fact, a Prudential study found that 68% of us prefer a hybrid work model. In other words, we want to loosen the chains tying us to the office. Further, one-third of us do not want to work for a company that requires us to work in the office full-time.

Coworking spaces rank second only to working from home as the preferred model. For folks who found themselves thrown into the WFH world in 2020, the allure of flexibility and freedom was strong. But many found themselves easily distracted and less productive when working exclusively from home.

Downtown Tampa Bay coworking spaces provide the ideal hybrid solution. You can easily take advantage of the benefits of working from home, working from the office, and having a distinct space in a dynamic environment when neither of those meet the needs at hand. 

For example, you may want to get away from the office to concentrate on a big project. But at home, you are having difficulty tuning out the sinkful of dishes, loads of unwashed laundry, or your chatty children, spouse, partner, or other household members. Or maybe it’s just too quiet! Your coworking space gives you an opportunity to buckle down but be around other professionals who are working, thinking, creating, and innovating. It is energizing.

Private offices, too, allow for exceptional flexibility. You do not have to take on the burden of overhead and long-term lease/purchase situations; instead, you secure the space you need, when you need it while enjoying the prestige of a Tampa Bay address.

Now, what should you look for when it comes to coworking or private office space in Downtown Tampa?

  • Location. The location of your coworking or private office space is critical. A Downtown Tampa Bay address puts you in the heart of the action. It is a hub in the state’s strong, highly diversified economy. Major companies from JPMorgan Chase and J&J to Lockheed Martin and Publix call Tampa home, as do over 20 major corporations and five Fortune 500s. There are four major colleges/universities, a thriving job market, and tons of talent. The location also boasts easy access to major transit routes and airports, services, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. Location matters, and it’s tough to beat Tampa.
  • Amenities. When it comes to the coworking/office space itself, the provider should offer industry-leading amenities and services that empower you to do your best work. These may include a shared receptionist to greet you and your guests, lounge/kitchen area, convenient parking, mail and answering services, WiFi, office equipment, enhanced cleaning services, AV tech, projectors, screens, and more. It should be more than a desk in a room; you need to be inspired, and the best providers deliver an environment that fits the bill.
  • Flexibility. Given your current business/career needs, do you need a coworking space? Do you require a private office to concentrate, make calls, meet with clients, customers, partners, etc.? What if you need a conference room for larger meetings or trainings? Look for a provider that offers you the flexibility to reserve the space you need when you need it. No more, no less. This way, for example, you are not paying for space you do not need or suffering in tight accommodations when you need more room.
  • Ease and Convenience. Is it easy to book coworking space or private office space? Can you find all the information you need online with just a few clicks? How far out do you have to book your space? What is the process like for reserving conference and meeting rooms? If it’s not quick and simple… keep looking. 
  • Environment. We mentioned that you need space that inspires. Look at the facilities and the environment – the ambiance if you will. Is it bright and contemporary? Meticulously maintained? Is there space to socialize? Outdoor areas to take breaks, eat a bite, or enjoy the views? All of this matters when it comes to productivity and creativity. 

The world of work is evolving; keep pace with Office Evolution. If you are looking for the right coworking or private office space in Downtown Tampa, contact our team today – and get to work!