What Exactly is a Hybrid Workplace Model?

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What is a hybrid workplace model? Well… it could be the “new normal” when it comes to how we do business. Pre-COVID, only about 6% of Americans worked remotely full-time, and about 75% of us never worked from home or the corner coffee shop. But then those deemed “nonessential” from a crisis-level economic standpoint were sent home to complete their tasks and help keep their companies and careers going.  

As the uncertainty of the pandemic receded and we got back to business as (sort of) usual, though, many of those who were sent home didn’t necessarily want to go back. At least, not 100% of the time.

COVID may have accelerated this change, but the hybrid work from home model has been solidly gaining ground for years. This may be just the push folks needed to completely transform how – and where – they work. 

What Is a Hybrid Workplace Model?

Just as a hybrid vehicle is one that runs on both traditional gas and alternative energy (e.g. electricity). The same theory underpins hybrid work from home models. It is a combination of a traditional office environment and a remote situation. Some people are strictly in-person; a smaller number are exclusively remote. Hybrid workers, who comprise an increasing percentage of the workforce, are both.

A hybrid workplace model can take any number of different forms – and this is the beauty and appeal of the approach. An employee could, for example:

  • Work in the office 1-3 days per week and complete the rest of their tasks remotely. 
  • Spend one week in the office and one week at home, alternating where they spend their time.
  • Work in the office when necessary, and work from home when it is most conducive to productivity. This is the ultimate in flexibility. 
  • Work from a shared office space secured either by themselves or their employer some of the time, home some of the time, and that old faithful, the corner coffee shop, whenever they need a caffeine fix. 
  • Work full-time in the office or remotely while their coworkers spend their time in either or both.

There are a variety of options available, and again, this is one of the biggest advantages of a hybrid strategy. When implemented strategically and intentionally, it can accommodate the needs of the business, teams, and individuals.

It is important to note that more people want to work for a company that offers flexibility when it comes to where they will complete their tasks and fulfill their responsibilities. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly half (42%) of employees say they would look for new jobs if their current employer did not offer a hybrid option. Further, a Mercer study found that most (70%) of companies say they are planning to adopt this model. From Twitter and Salesforce to Spotify and small businesses, more organizations are redesigning their operations to allow for hybrid solutions.

Underpinning the hybrid work from home model is more accessible, and user-friendly, tech solutions. We all got used to – and sick of! – Zoom and Google Meets, and we became adept at using collaboration and productivity tools that all but erase the line between remote and in-person work experiences. Of course, socialization and culture are key components in creating and maintaining an engaging work environment – but technology and strategy can accommodate for these as well. 

Hybrid strategies are not only feasible for many companies within many industries, but they may be the key to attracting and retaining talent

From an employee’s point of view, hybrid workplace models are integral in maintaining an appropriate work/life balance, aiding productivity, and keeping us engaged in our work. 

Office Evolution: Keeping Pace with the Evolution of the Workplace

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