What to Look for in a Tampa Bay Executive Workspace

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As your company begins to grow, you may quickly realize the need for an executive workspace that will help ensure your company has exactly what it requires for the weeks and months ahead. Tampa Bay executive workspace is in high demand. How do you select a space that is ideal for your company? This checklist can help. 

Consider the Location

Perhaps the most important part of finding the right Tampa Bay executive workspace is to think about the best location for you and your team members. Small businesses often mean lots of time at the office initially, so you want the space you select to be fairly easy to access. Keep in mind that you may need to consider access to public transit, as well as parking availability, particularly if you plan to be meeting with clients and investors. 

Think About What You Might Require

Before you begin searching for a space, understand not only how much space you need, but also what kind of space you may need. You may need private offices so you can focus on essential projects, meet with clients, and talk with investors. You may also need spaces that include a break room or lounge area. In many cases, you’ll need access to conference room space that includes a whiteboard and/or a projector. Without a doubt, you’ll only want to consider office spaces that give you great WiFi access from any location in the building, ample restroom facilities, a breakroom area, and easy access for employees that includes safety features like keypad and keycard entry systems. 

Make a List of Your Top Amenities

Once you know what you need, you can begin to create a list of a few other things you’d like to see included in your Tampa Bay executive workspace. For example, it’s always nice to have an on-site eating option like a cafeteria or a deli. That can help your employees stay on-site longer during the day while still remaining productive. It’s also nice to ensure high-quality coffee is always nearby. If one team member or another is always headed out for coffee, that time out of the office can really add up. Some buildings even offer access to on-site fitness centers, childcare services, and even quiet spaces for reflection when things get hectic. Knowing both what your team needs and what they want can help you find the ideal location for your company. 

Create a Budget

As you search for the right office space, it can be tough to understand exactly how much to spend. Usually, you’ll want to spend less than 20% of your annual revenue on rent, but if your business is just getting off the ground, you may want to consider spending less than that. Using a coworking company that provides Tampa Bay executive workspace can typically help you cut down on those costs, giving you a beautiful location at less than you might imagine. 

If you’re looking for the ideal Tampa Bay executive workspace, consider Office Evolution. With both private and virtual office spaces in the Westshore Business District, we offer a number of beautiful spaces at affordable rates. Give us a call today to learn more.