How to Rent a Conference Room: 4 Factors to Consider

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Research has shown that meetings have grown by 10 percent in recent times, and a good, quiet, comfortable meeting space with access to everything that state-of-the-art technology needs to work correctly is mandatory.  If you are just starting an adventure as a new business entrepreneur, you don’t need the cost of renting or buying a completely immovable brick-and-mortar office.  

With more business than ever before being conducted online, rent an office or conference as your needs dictate.  If you’re looking for rooms to rent in Tampa, FL, below are four factors to consider.


An office space for people to gather should be as near as possible to being as geographically equitable as possible for all attendees.  With that in mind, the location should be close or readily accessible to several different modes of transportation, such as an airport, train station, bus line, taxi/Uber availability, and close to a wide range of hotel and restaurant possibilities for those participants traveling in from out of state.  For those driving, there needs to be ample parking space; it would be good if it was free or included in the cost of the room for rent in Tampa, FL.


The meeting location should be comfortable and in a friendly atmosphere with pleasant surroundings and windows with views that look out upon visitor-friendly landscapes or waterscapes.  Water can be soothing.  A meeting space that can create an air of ambiance, a space that is fresh and new to participants, can often lead to a new vision where obstacles from a problem or issue can dare to be removed via a creative solution that can arise from a new perspective or outlook on the matter.  

Consider the size of the room and the number of participants expected to attend.  You don’t want to pile everyone into a space that becomes cramped.  Conversely, if you expect only between 6 and 12 participants, you wouldn’t want to have a large meeting space that seems cavernous.  If you plan to have the event catered for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will want to ensure that it is acceptable and that perhaps a separate area will be available to share the meal.  A kitchen with access to water and coffee is also helpful.


What will you need to have in the meeting space?  You will no doubt need internet connectivity and from a service that isn’t likely to freeze in the middle of a presentation, thought, or concept delivery.  An on-site technology expert would be helpful. 

Depending on your needs, a microphone or speaker system might be necessary.  Video-conferencing capabilities are also very important, as is a projector, projector screen, and any other A/V equipment needed.  It would be good also to have access to a printer; you never know when a need might come up for something to be printed.


Naturally, you don’t want a room to rent in Tampa, FL, to be unduly expensive but reasonable for all the services provided.  Many people forget to inquire about any hidden, or extra, fees that fly under the radar, so to speak, until it comes to reading the fine print on the contract signed to rent the room.  

Will you require a set-up of tables (more than one) or chairs?  Is there a charge to access needed electricity for all the necessary uses?  What about taxes – how much is the tax rate?  Are there any other service fees?  Is there a service fee for on-site support?  What about tips?

Many factors need to be considered when you are deciding on rooms for rent in Tampa, FL.  Office Evolution has two different buildings providing meeting spaces in Tampa, Florida.  One is located at 5401 West Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 100, in the Westshore District, with a phone number of 1-813-543-6953.  The sister location is in Downtown Tampa on Harbour Island at 601 South Harbour Island Boulevard, Suite 109, with a phone number of 1-813-530-2355.

Office Evolution doesn’t have any hidden fees.  Available at the Westshore District location are:

  • 38 private offices that are fully furnished
  • 3 coworking spaces
  • Spacious business lounge
  • 2 conference rooms that are fully equipped to accommodate between 4 and 8 attendees
  • 2 private offices, full-size, rented by the hour
  • On-site Business Manager offers full-time support
  • 4.1 miles and 7 minutes from Tampa International Airport
  • Access to the Downtown Tampa on Harbour Island location

The Downtown Tampa on Harbour Island location offers:

  • Harbour Island is the epicenter for all events in Downtown Tampa.  Many major hotels and restaurants are nearby.  It is located just across the water from Amalie Arena and the convention center.
  • Beautiful waterfront building
  • 3,000-square-foot private deck
  • Community kitchen
  • Training room
  • Coworking spaces
  • Outdoor seating
  • Membership access
  • Wi-Fi access, of course
  • 9.6 miles and 19 minutes from Tampa International Airport

When you are considering rooms for rent in Tampa, FL, think Office Evolution.  Both Tampa locations have a friendly atmosphere and membership access to each other.  Go online or call them today to find out more.