Looking for Office Space In Tampa? 7 Reasons Its a Smart Move

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Tampa sure isn’t a bad place to be. Sometimes, it feels incredible that more people aren’t trying to move here every year. If you’re looking for Tampa commercial office space, make sure you’ve really considered the options. What do you need to know if you are starting a business or hoping to move your current venture here? Let’s see.

Why Office Space In Tampa Makes Sense

Looking for the right Tampa commercial office space? You’re on the right track! Here’s why the city can help your company and career flourish

  1. Tampa Is Business-Friendly 

Starting and operating a business in Tampa is beneficial due to factors including pass-through taxation and flexible business rules. Quickly:

  • Pass-Through Taxation: If you structure your business as an LLC, you can take advantage of pass-through taxation, which means that you (i.e. owners/members) can report your share of profits or losses on your personal tax returns. This helps you avoid paying a double dose of taxes, as happens with C corps which are taxed at a corporate level. 
  • Typically, Tampa does not impose restrictions on the number of members your business can have. You also have great flexibility when it comes to the way you structure your company’s management as an LLC.
  1. The Economy Is Strong

In Tampa, commercial office space comes with a host of benefits. Notably: Tampa itself. Among its many other attributes (some of which we’ll cover in a moment) the city is the economic hub of central Florida. From tourism and technology to finance and insurance, this is where the action happens. We are also seeing strong growth in both development and population. All of this adds up to a sunny forecast for your business and career.

  1. Tampa Has the Talent 

Tampa and its immediate environs are home to three public colleges and universities, ten private colleges and universities, one community college, and several technical and trade schools. Talent is just about as abundant as the sunshine and beach days. This means that if you need to fill out your team, you’ll have a deep pool in which to fish. It also means that budding talent will start their own ventures, and many of these will be complementary to your own.

  1. The Livin’ Is Easy – and Reasonably Price

Relatively speaking, Tampa is an affordable place to call home – or in which to locate your business. Compared to other major cities (hello, NYC and LA), Tampa is less expensive. Again, if you need to hire, you can offer reasonable salaries without busting your startup budget. 

  1. You Cannot Beat the Location

Can you operate your business in a remote area without easy and convenient access to transportation, accommodations, or services? If not, you can rely on these features to run a successful enterprise. Some people need to be centrally located so prospective and current clients, potential and current investors, partners, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders can access us without missing a beat. We also need to be able to access them, major roadways, airports, accommodations, suppliers, services, etc.

  1. It’s TAMPA!

When you are looking for office space, Tampa makes sense from a logistical and strategic standpoint, as we have mentioned. But it’s also… Tampa. The city is thriving, brimming with culture, blessed with gorgeous weather, and so much more. 

While perhaps a more indirect benefit, location your office space in Tampa allows you to leverage its many offerings. From easy access to major transit routes to terrific restaurants, this is the place to meet, greet, mingle, and take your business to the next level.

And did we mention the weather? If you hate sun, warmth, and nearby beaches, this is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you would rather lounge in the 70s than shovel now in the depths of January, you will enjoy the city on both a personal and professional level! 

  1. You Have Flexible Office Space Options 

Even in reasonably-priced Tampa, commercial office space can be costly to buy or lease. Is it out of budget for your company? Are you a startup, solopreneur, independent contractor, or freelancer on a more rigid budget – and do you still require a professional space to meet with the people who can move your business forward?

It may seem like a purchase or long-term lease is out of reach financially. Fortunately, Office Evolution offers flexible solutions designed for you.  

For example, if you usually need a coworking space with a desk and all the professional accouterment (WiFi, phones, copiers, etc.), you can secure these accommodations on an ongoing basis. Need a private office for small meetings, phone calls, and think time? Sign up, and get to work. Have an event – a training, a larger meeting, a presentation or pitch – sign up, reserve your space, and wow your audience. 

With flexible coworking, office, and conference room solutions, you can scale up, down, or sideways, depending on the requirements of your business. This means you will not pay for space you don’t need or won’t use or, on the other hand, that you won’t be crammed into a tiny space, bumping elbows with everyone around you.

Office Evolution: Your Tampa Commercial Office Space Solution

If you need office space in Tampa, contact Office Evolution. We offer a variety of solutions geared towards your requirements. See what a difference the right location makes for your business.