Meeting Rooms: Coworking Spaces vs. Hotels

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The work world is nothing if not dynamic. To keep pace, to survive, to thrive, we need to think fast, operate agilely, and adapt to changing circumstances at a moment’s notice. Companies book conference rooms or coworking spaces for a variety of reasons.

Some need more room as they are dealing with cramped quarters; some need a physical space in an otherwise remote business model; some need a more advantageous location, closer to amenities and services. No matter where you find yourself in this mix, you can find yourself in a comfortable, convenient, professional setting.

Now, the question is should you book coworking space or will a hotel suit your needs?

Should You Book a Conference Room In a Hotel?

Need to host out-of-town visitors? Have a training or conference that will bust the limits of your current space? Need convenience and proximity to airports, mass transit, hospitality-based businesses? Hotels have fit the bill for years. They have been the logical answer, and for good reason:

  • They’re easy. Hotel conference rooms are a simple choice. They tend to be conveniently located (i.e. near transit routes, airports, etc.) – and if you have out-of-town attendees, they can make the no-brainer choice to just stay at the site.
  • They offer onsite amenities and services. These spaces typically have amenities you require for an effective meeting, such as technology and, of course, furnishings! You’ll get privacy and room to pitch, present, train, and teach. You can also use onsite restaurants, break-out rooms, lounges, and, in some cases, discount vouchers for attendees to use for accommodations, meals, spa visits, etc.
  • Staff may be available to pitch in. In some hotels, event staff can help you with catering, setting up furniture and equipment, and overall event management. Be sure to look at their packages because these charges do add up.

Hotels are a safe choice in that people know what to expect. They’ll generally get what they need, and conference spaces are typically comfortable enough. Depending on the specific venue, they may even be high-end, elegant, and add a refined touch to your event. On the other hand, they may be basic and generic, offering a chain atmosphere. Choose wisely; just be aware that you are going to pay commensurate prices.

You will also have to pay for equipment rentals, including projectors, microphones, podiums, televisions, and more. If you are relying on the hotel to provide these, add it into your budget.

Hotels have been the traditional choice, and they make sense. But that does not mean they are the only option – or the best option for your business, your meeting, your attendees, or your image.

Should You Book Coworking Space?

Booking a conference room at a hotel was the de facto choice. It is not the only choice. When you book a coworking space you can leverage a host of benefits that will directly impact the quality of your meeting – and your attendees’ impression of you as a professional and as a business.

Coworking spaces deliver:

  • Exceptional service and inclusive features. When you book coworking space, you don’t have to worry about (or pay for) add-ons, like equipment rentals. They are included in the space, so you can get to work preparing for your meeting. Additionally, select providers offer communal receptionists to greet your guests, community kitchens for breaks, onsite tech, etc.
  • Great locations. When you opt for a solution such as those offered by Office Evolution, you can schedule your meeting in some prime real estate! Sought-after business, cultural, and hospitality regions, such as Harbour Island, are often cost-prohibitive when it comes to leasing commercial space. You can get the cache of the location without the cost by going with an as-needed coworking space.
  • Choice and flexibility. You have the freedom to choose the right space for your meeting. If you want a smaller, more intimate setting for brainstorming, for example, you can choose a meeting room that’s ideally set up for these intensive tasks. If you are doing training, book a larger conference room that’s still plenty comfortable. It’s up to you – and that is a great feeling.
  • Time away from the hotel! If you have out-of-town guests, they might like to see something other than the inside of their hotel! With convenient locations and easy access, they can attend your meeting in a great room, at a great location, and see the sights (and eat the food!).
  • Something different. Hotel conference rooms are a safe choice. But sometimes, we want to spark a little excitement – not to mention get those brain cells firing on all cylinders – to engage attendees. Innovative coworking spaces do just that.

The decision to book a conference room in a hotel or book a coworking space is a big one, and it will impact your meeting, your budget, and, likely, your engagement levels. Just know that you have a choice! If you would like to explore the options available through Office Evolution, please contact us today.