What is the Difference Between a Meeting Room and a Conference Room?

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Located on the Gulf Coast, Tampa has a little something for everyone.  From gorgeous beaches to exciting nightlife, and from shopping districts to cigars, you’re sure to find something to entertain.  As well, options for meeting rental spaces vary from small, private meeting rooms to conference room rentals for slightly larger groups who have a need for audio-visual equipment or presentation space.  The choice is as individual as you and your needs.

A meeting room or conference room rental in Tampa at Lincoln Center offers a convenient place to gather.  A Westshore Business District location in Tampa offers beautiful meeting rooms in a growing area of the Tampa business community.  

It is five minutes from the Tampa International Airport and is also located near Hotel Alba.  The rooms offer fiber-optic network connections, 24/7 on-site security, and an on-site property manager.  With plenty of amenities, such as multiple parking spaces, a friendly atmosphere, great co-working spaces, and, of course, top-notch Wi-Fi connectivity, Office Evolution provides just the right niche from which to conduct your business meetings.

Meeting Rooms

This office rental space in Tampa in the heart of the Westshore Business District offers you access to 38 private offices that are fully furnished.  There are five team spaces and three co-working spaces; all spaces have access to a business lounge where gourmet coffee and tea can be found.  All office rental spaces are sanitized for your safety and that of your clients and business associates.  Also available are two full-size private day offices that can be rented by the hour.  For personalized and private meeting spaces, no one can serve you better than Office Evolution.

Conference Rooms

For up to eight meeting attendees, two completely equipped conference room rentals in Tampa are available at the Westshore location.  Conference room rentals are sized bigger with a larger table and more chairs to gather attendees around for larger group discussions.  Audio-visual equipment is available to enhance presentations and help inspire new ideas in the co-working environment.  It is a very comfortable space for a small group of people.  The business lounge provides an area to have events catered if desired.

The Downtown Tampa Harbour Island location has a community kitchen and outside seating spaces.  A training room and phone booths are also available.  Harbour Island offers beautiful views from nearly every meeting space.

The Business Center Manager is the heart of each location.  These local ingenues have a wealth of experience and information at their fingertips and can help answer any questions you may have, from Where’s the coffee? to How do I get the best tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays or Buccaneers game?  They are available to help with technical support or any assistance you may need while using the high-tech tools (computers, printers, phone systems, etc.) available for use in the meeting spaces.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms are Central to Doing Business

Whether you live in Tampa and are looking for a professional workspace close to home or you are flying in for a meeting and want to enjoy all that the City of Tampa has to offer while visiting, Office Evolution at Lincoln Center has the ideal space for your needs.  The conference room rentals at the Downtown Tampa Harbour Island location also provide flexible options with amazing island views.  

Reimagine what your remote office working space can look like today and call Office Evolution (1.813.540.6740 Westshore or 1.813.536.6188 Harbour Island) or go online at Office Evolution in Tampa, Florida.  Rental prices are competitive and affordable for your business.