Many are Still Wondering: What is a Hybrid Work Model?

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Some people are back in the office full-time, and some people are working from home full-time. So, what is a hybrid work model? That’s what we’re going to look into today. 

What Is a Hybrid Work Model? 

Just like a hybrid vehicle works by utilizing both traditional gasoline and a battery, a hybrid work model works by utilizing both traditional work environments and a blend of different locations. A worker in a hybrid situation may work two days at the office and three at home. Or two at the office, one at home, one at a coworking space, and one on the go/at a hotel. Or half a day here, half a day there… You get the idea. 

What do people want when it comes to their workplace? More money is always a safe guess!! But according to a new Gallup poll,  we are also looking for increased work/life balance, stability, the ability to do what we do best, and the flexibility to do it where we want. We also want greater diversity and inclusivity in our environments. How does a model that incorporates traditional aspects as well as the ability to work from home part time accommodate the needs of today’s workforce? And how can you leverage it for your success on a professional and business level? 

Flexible work models are appealing from both an employee and an employer standpoint. When thoughtfully implemented, a hybrid work model:

  • Increases Productivity
  • Increases Satisfaction
  • Enhances Company Culture
  • And Improves Mental Health

Increases Productivity 

We want flexibility and the ability to work to our strengths; that much is clear. When we have conditions that facilitate this, it boosts productivity. We need the time and space for deep thinking and deep focus work, but we also need to collaborate and connect. Further, some of us introverted folks prefer a quieter environment, while extroverted counterparts thrive in the office environment. Then there are those who are a mix. There are a variety of personality types, as well as work demands.

It’s all about balance and accommodating individuals and how they do their best work. That’s the bottom line. A hybrid model does this by giving people a choice about where they work – and when – so they are most productive and satisfied. With synchronous, asynchronous, and virtual options, employers would be remiss if they did not capitalize on the technology and facilities (such as shared workspaces) available to them.

Increases Satisfaction and Enhances Company Culture 

As mentioned, flexibility and autonomy are key to our satisfaction as employees. With increased decision-making power comes increased productivity. Having the freedom to choose where and how to work is essential, especially as we navigate the post-pandemic world. Having been able to set our own schedules for over a year, going back to micromanaging and a “butt in the seat” mentality is simply not appealing for many. We need to retain that level of trust. 

If the work’s getting done, and if deliverables are met, then why does it matter if someone is working from home part time? If they complete a difficult report, prepare a winning presentation, or wow a client at a shared office space, isn’t that all the proof we need that a hybrid model works? 

And if we are happier while doing it? If we can better and more effectively juggle work and life? That’s all the better in terms of building a cohesive, attractive company culture — and keeping the right people in place.

Improves Relationships, Mental Health, Wellbeing…

Most of our parents and grandparents did not have the choice to work from home part time. We do. Or we should. It better facilitates work/life balance. For many, the freedom to choose leads to not only more productivity but less stress. They can still connect with colleagues – but they also get the alone/quiet time they need to thrive. Ultimately, they get to choose, and that autonomy is critical to their (and their employers’) success.

Work from Home Part Time – Or From a Productivity-Enhancing Officeshare Space

The ability to work from home part time is a deciding factor for many professionals; they ask themselves, “Do I want to be tethered to the same desk, or do I want to be able to work wherever I need to best accomplish my mission/my goal/my objective?”

Therapists, counselors, business and financial advisors, web designers, software developers, and many others, find themselves increasingly attracted to officeshare situations. This allows them to break away from the traditional office space while retaining the amenities (receptionist, great location, internet, printers, projectors, phones, etc.) they need. At the same time, they have the opportunity to meet diverse people in their space and other industries. Remember, diversity and inclusivity are other big wants for employees today.

While demand for officeshare space dipped during the crisis days of the pandemic, it is picking up as we forge our new normal. Normal is hybrid, and workshare facilities cater to people who want flexibility, autonomy, connection, and diversity. Individuals and companies can, and should, leverage these spaces to do their best work, grow their profitability, and capture the opportunities that arise from a renewed sense of satisfaction and productivity.

Office Evolution: Keeping Pace with the World of Work

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