How Do I Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event?

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What major corporate event is in the works for your business? Seminar? Conference? Training? Executive retreat? Team building? No matter the what, you need to pay close attention to the where. Scouting corporate function venues carefully, and ensuring they offer the amenities and services you need, is critical. This decision has a direct impact on your event when it comes to efficiency, budget, convenience, comfort, and engagement. Make the right choice; we’ll show you how.

7 Surefire Tips to Choose Corporate Function Venues

1. Prioritize Location

Whether you are hosting out-of-town guests or bringing your people together for an event, the right corporate meeting room starts with location.

Do the venues on your shortlist allow for convenient access to airports? Major roadways and highways? Mass transit? Hotels? Services, shops, and restaurants? And, don’t forget to inquire about parking. Is it going to be a hassle and a headache, or is there ample space for your attendees?

Driving around for a half-hour before finding a free parking space is not the best way to kick off your event!

2. Ask What’s Included

What do you need to make your corporate event a success – and is it included with the venue? For example, you will likely have some technology requirements (e.g. projectors, whiteboards, ample outlets, etc.).

Is there an equipment rental fee associated with the space, or does the venue offer inclusive solutions? Other questions you may want to ask: do you have a kitchen facility we can use? Lounges? Breakout rooms? Is there any outdoor space for lunch or breaks? And again, what, if anything, do these amenities cost in addition to the corporate meeting room?

3. Look At the Environment

Who is raring to go to another corporate function that feels generic? Boring? The same as every other event they’ve had to endure? No one! The right space comes with more than comfortable furnishings and some power outlets. It also provides an infusion of energy and excitement that is invaluable; you want people engaged and interested. A stale environment is not the way to do that. Your corporate meeting room should be as innovative as the ideas and conversations you will have in it.

4. Determine If the Space Is Appropriate for Your Event

Go back to basics. Is the space large enough (or intimate enough, depending on your goals) to accommodate your needs? Again, if you need additional space for breakouts, is this readily available? Is the space configured in a way that supports your agenda? You need sufficient size, of course, but you’re also looking for great flow.

5. It Better Be Easy to Book!

You have enough on your plate, planning a corporate event. Wasting time trying to figure out how to book a venue is just not feasible. You should be able to contact to ask any questions (phone, email, message, or live chat) about the venue and book online. Quick, easy, done. A great venue helps you cross that item off your to-do list.

6. Make Sure It’s Available On Your Date(s)

This may seem overly obvious, but it is discouraging to find the space only to discover it’s not available on your target date. Start vetting potential corporate meeting room venues early in your planning process to ensure you can secure the accommodations you need.

7. See If It Fits Your Budget

How much will this cost? It’s all about the bottom line; while you want to host a stellar corporate event, you also need to stay on budget. Look for flexible solutions so you are not paying for more space than you need (e.g. if you’re having an executive retreat, do you really need a full conference room? Will an office or smaller meeting room do the trick – and do it well!?

Also, weigh the cost of an inclusive solution versus a traditional choice like a hotel conference room. With add-ons for equipment rentals, event staff help, etc., your bill may tick steadily upwards.

If you are planning an event and scouting corporate function venues, contact Office Evolution. Our innovative spaces are convenient, optimally located, and ready to help you wow your guests.