Finding Shared Office Space for Solo Lawyers

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A recent American Bar Association report found that 87% of attorneys are allowed to work remotely. Of those in private practice, nearly two-thirds can work remotely whenever they’d like. Now more than ever before, attorneys are looking at remote work options, and this is particularly true for solo attorneys. After all, you simply need a space and a laptop to begin working on your client’s files, and you can do that from your dining room table. The problem with working from home for many, though, comes from the fact that you often can’t be as productive as you’d like to be in that space. Whether it’s because of the kids, the pets, or even the neighbors–solo lawyers find an office space a far more valuable option. With the cost of rent ever increasing, though, and the very real potential that you could rent space only to find that your lease has been canceled with very little notice. That’s led an increasing number of professionals to seek a shared office space for lawyers. So, what features make the best shared office space for lawyers, and how do you even begin to find what you’re looking for? This quick guide can help.

The Features You Need

As you shop for the ideal space for your legal practice, you’ll want to look at coworking spaces for attorneys that provide certain features you just can’t get from your dining room table. Here are a few to consider.

  • Meeting and Deposition Rooms: Almost every coworking space will offer you access to private meeting or conference rooms with video conferencing capabilities. These can be absolutely invaluable when you need to conduct depositions remotely or in person, and typically, the space rental will come with your membership plan.
  • Private Office Space: While there are open spaces where you can rent a desk, there ours also offer you private office spaces. This layout offers you the ability to get away from the shared, open floor plan and host guests, clients, or other attorneys, or simply work alone. All without the need to pay for an entire office of your own.
  • A Great Location: You’ll want to be near the services you need most like the courthouse and other buildings you frequent. Look for a shared office space for lawyers that puts you closest to those options. If you practice across the country, you may even want to work with a provider who can offer you multiple locations so that you have a great space to work no matter where you are. Have you checked out our Downtown Tampa location?

Is Shared Office Space For Lawyers Worth It?

Not sure that you really need to add this expense to your budget? You may want to think again. Shared office space for lawyers offers a number of benefits you may not have considered. You’ll have the chance to build a referral network with other professionals who may need your services at some point. You may even end up with a bit of extra contract work simply because you’re continually connecting with other business owners. Additionally, you’ll quickly become part of a community with whom you can connect day after day for networking, advice, and simple socialization. Maybe the best benefit is that you don’t always have to be in your shared office space. Instead, you choose how frequently you want to be there, and that in and of itself, can be quite valuable to a solo lawyer.

Ready to find an office space that’s designed to meet your needs? Contact us today to explore the best shared office space for lawyers in Tampa. With access to all of the amenities you need, we’ll help you see the bright side of coworking for attorneys like you.