What are Some Examples of Flexible Work From Home Jobs?

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In today’s world, a common question is, what are some flexible work from home jobs? No, not all jobs cannot be done from home, or the corner coffee shop, or even the best-equipped office share space. First responders, frontline healthcare workers, factory employees, and many other essential people – including the people who work at the corner coffee shop – need to go into the station, clinic, hospital, store, or plant to ensure that the economy’s wheels continue churning forward. However, according to recent estimates, 37% of US jobs can be done entirely at home (or at a location of the employee’s choice, provided there is secure wifi and appropriate amenities). Flexible work from home jobs are not the outliers anymore. The people who perform them are a sizable and growing portion of the workforce. What are some jobs that can be executed just as effectively (and even more efficiently, in many cases) from home?

Top Flexible Work from Home Jobs

By 2025, it’s projected that 36.2 million of us will be working remotely – nearly double pre-pandemic levels. A few short years have accelerated a change that has been in the making for the last two decades, at the least. There is no doubt that there was a fundamental shift in the world of work; COVID only served to fast-track the transition.

Again, many jobs need to be in-person, but there is an astonishing variety that lend themselves to a work-from-home and/or hybrid model. These include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Family/Couples Therapist
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Substance Abuse Counselor/Recovery Specialist
  • Financial Advisor
  • Security Analyst
  • IT Analyst
  • Telehealth Physician 
  • Software Developer
  • Website Designer 
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Interpreter
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant 
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web and/or Print Content Specialist 
  • Editor
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • Data Entry Specialist 
  • Licensed Insurance Representative 
  • Tutor

This is the tip of the iceberg, but, all the same, it is a fair representation of the wide variety of industries that are suitable for hybrid and flexible job models. As you can see, they run the gamut from medical and law to finances and insurance to wellbeing and marketing. 

The point is that more and more people in the workforce – and more and more young people who will be entering the workforce soon – are looking for flexible jobs that allow them to perform more effectively and to better integrate work and life more efficiently.

Finding Flexible Jobs

The next big question is, of course, how does one find flexible jobs? 

Believe it or not, there are a variety of places to look to find flexible work from home jobs. Start with the obvious: where you work now. Is it possible to move to a hybrid model? Again, as mentioned, this does not work for every role, but if you feel like it makes sense and you can get just as much (or more) done away from the office, approach your manager or supervisor about a shift. Many employers are more amenable to flexible work situations in the post-pandemic world.

If that’s not going to work, and you want a change in career focus, or you are looking for a new start, try some of these top companies that hire for flexible jobs, including: 

  • BELAY (remote virtual solutions company)
  • Cactus Communications (communications company focusing on the academic/research space)
  • Equivity (virtual assistance services for busy professionals)
  • Expert Business Development (boutique business development firm)
  • FlexProfessionals (staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in flexible jobs for professionals)
  • Kaplan (educational and training services)
  • MarketLauncher (boutique market research firm)
  • Outliant (product development and consulting firm)
  • ProfitFactory (educational and consulting services for business owners/entrepreneurs)

Learn more about these companies and the flexible jobs they offer. 

You can also check out online resources devoted to work from home flexible jobs, such as:

  • Upwork
  • Thumbtack
  • Mommybites Jobs Board
  • Flexjobs.com
  • LinkedIn
  • The Mom Project
  • reacHIRE
  • Working Mother 
  • Etsy/Facebook (you can turn a hobby or crafty passion into a money-maker)

Browse through and see what strikes your fancy – and what opportunities could lead to a fulfilling career. 

Office Evolution for Your Career Evolution 

The beauty of flexible work from home jobs is just that: the freedom. But this may prove difficult in some situations. What if:

  • You have a meeting with an important prospective client, investor, partner, etc.? You may feel uncomfortable opening your home for the session – but does the corner coffee shop send the right message either?
  • Your family/household members are at home and in the way? Yes, you love them, but they can be distracting! (“Mom, mom, mom, MOMMMM!!!!”)
  • You start feeling isolated and need some adult conversation? While working from home is a dream come true for many, most of us still need some sense of connection to the outside world.
  • You need a fully-equipped, beautiful, space for a presentation, training, or other key event?
  • You want to meet other professionals who may be integral in growing your network?
  • You just want a change of scenery – and your dishes and laundry won’t leave you alone to work?
  • You want the flexibility to do what you do best and where you do it best? A hybrid model allows you to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. 

For all of these reasons, and more, it is beneficial to invest in your career and the space it needs to thrive. Office Evolution specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for work from home folks. From coworking spaces to private offices to conference rooms, you will have the freedom to do your best work, concentrate, produce, meet, and connect with people over coffee and conversation. 

To learn how Office Evolution can help you succeed in your flexible job, contact our team today.