Can you Get a Day Pass for Coworking Space?

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Thousands of people have discovered the power of coworking spaces. As more and more individuals begin gig work and freelance work for other companies and more and more companies offer remote work opportunities, the idea of coworking spaces is easily on the rise Most are incredibly flexible, as they don’t have the traditional office lease that locks you into one space for the entire next year, and that’s a powerful reason so many professionals turn to these spaces. If you haven’t yet tried one, though, you may be wondering if you can just rent coworking space for the day. The simple answer is, yes. Many of the available spaces offer a day pass for coworking space, and that gives you not only the chance to try out a given coworking community to see if it’s right for you but also the ability to change locations at any point in time so you can further your career or just get a change of scenery. Why should you rent a desk for a day? Take a look at some great reasons. 

Defining Coworking Spaces

If this is the first time you’ve heard about a day pass for coworking space, it may help to better understand what they have to offer before we talk about the benefits of using a coworking space for a day. Coworking is a dedicated building that houses lots of professionals. Some are entrepreneurs who are looking to get their own companies off the ground. Some are remote workers who just find that they tend to work better among other people. Still, others are creatives who tend to work by themselves on a regular basis but have decided they need access to more people or more space. Utilizing a day pass for coworking space does all this and more. Most coworking spaces provide common areas with comfortable seating, dedicated desks, conference rooms, printing services, mail, phone services, and so much more. They really are ideal spaces that are perfect for professionals, or students, in every field. 

Why Get a Day Pass for Coworking?

So, what are the benefits of obtaining a day pass for coworking space? The list might surprise you. 

  • It May Help You Generate New Ideas: If you’ve been hammering away at a project for quite some time, and you’re stuck in a rut, a day pass for a great coworking space may be exactly what you need. It will offer you a change of environment that can help to inspire you and give you a different perspective that could help you generate new ideas for that project and help you reengage. 
  • It Allows You to Connect with Others: It can be fairly lonely to work at home all of the time. When you utilize a day pass for coworking space, though, you’ll be surrounded by others who are working, and that means interacting with people outside of your field and your company. That step alone can help you feel less alienated, and seeing those faces just for a day may help remind you why you do what you do every single day. 
  • You Get Dedicated Meeting Space: Even if working from home is something you enjoy doing on a regular basis, there are likely times when you need to have meetings with colleagues or clients. In those settings, inviting them into your home is probably not the greatest idea in the world. Instead, finding a nearby coworking space to hold a meeting may make more sense, and this is where a day pass can be truly helpful. You can simply choose to rent a meeting space for the times when you need it without having to pay for a month-after-month contract that gives you space when you don’t need it at all. 
  • It Allows You to Gather a Remote Team Occasionally: If you love the benefit of having a remote team, you’re not alone. In some settings, though, it may be helpful to be face-to-face on a monthly basis. A day pass for coworking space, then, can help make that happen. Even if you don’t need dedicated conference space, but you all just need to be together, a coworking space is a perfect environment in which to make that happen. It will encourage the real-life business interactions you should be having with each other. 
  • It Makes for Great Networking: The key to business is often networking with the right people, and in most cases, networking opportunities become fairly limited when you’re working from your home office. If you choose a day pass though, even just a few days a month, you’re going to get access to lots of other people, maybe even those who could use your services or those who may open the door to your next big job opportunity. 

Rent a Coworking Space for a Day

Ready to rent a coworking space for a day? We can help. At Office Evolution, we specialize in unique coworking spaces that offer you a number of different benefits. From comfortable desk space to printing services and even a dedicated address, our coworking spaces offer you exactly what you want. We even include free coffee! Give us a call today to learn more about our multiple locations and how you can rent one of our coworking spaces just for the day to help enhance what you do! Learn more now.