Is Coworking Space for Students a Thing?

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Coworking spaces have long provided many benefits for busy professionals. Today, there are dedicated coworking spaces for professionals in almost every industry. From tech-centric coworking spaces to those that provide services specifically aimed at creatives, coworking is big business. One often overlooked population, though, is students. Is coworking space for students available? What about coworking space for parents who are also students? The simple answer is: absolutely, and it can be more helpful than you might imagine. 

What is Coworking Space?

If you’re not yet familiar with the term coworking space, it may help to first understand exactly what the concept is. Coworking spaces offer the amenities a traditional office might, but they’re not inhabited by those working for a single employer or even those working on a single project. Instead, they serve as a neutral space for those working for different employers, on different projects, and in different industries. It doesn’t function like a traditional office because most people aren’t working on the same thing. That said, it might look like a traditional office if the perfect office featured lots of spaces to network, great board rooms, free coffee, snack bars, gyms, and comfortable desks. It is flexibility redefined, and in most cases, you don’t have to sign a long-term lease to gain access to those amenities. Instead, you just sign a short month-to-month option that gives you access to as much space as you want and access to all of the amenities. 

Why is Coworking Space for Students a Good Idea?

There are actually a number of reasons students might want to consider a coworking space. When most people think of coworking, they think of professionals in various fields gathered together, working on various projects, and helping to enhance each others’ creativity. Students, though, can benefit from these spaces too. First, these spaces offer extensive resources. You’ll find chairs, desks, and tables to spread out your research. If you need to have a conference with other students, you’ll find that’s an option too. Each conference room is typically stocked with projectors and whiteboards you can utilize as you study. Coworking space for students also means reliable internet access and comfortable desk chairs! You’ll likely also find access to printing services and any other equipment you need to study. 

Another reason coworking spaces might be ideal for students, though, is that they can help enhance your productivity as you study. Trying to study in your dorm or in the coffee shop can be a serious distraction to most people. After all, you always have people passing by, making noise. In a coworking space for students, you have community spaces, but you also have dedicated quiet spaces that will allow you to completely focus on one task or another. Whether you need to study for an upcoming exam or finish that paper, you’ll have spots where you can focus your full attention on one area. 

Flexible access is another reason coworking spaces are ideal for students. In some cases, you may be putting in more time than most people would. Coworking spaces are typically accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That can be great when you need to study all night or when you wake up at three a.m. with an idea about how to completely rework that section of your thesis. You’ll never have to worry about waking someone else or hitting closing time at your favorite spot. Instead, it will just be you and your study materials beside you. 

One of the best parts of using a coworking space for students, though, is that you have access to a strong community at your fingertips. Coworking spaces specialize in people from different places and from different backgrounds, and as a student, you’ll be able to take advantage of that to help get your career off on the right track. As you study, you can socialize with those around you, learning different things from them at every turn. That may open a variety of networking opportunities that you simply won’t get by studying in your dorm or at the library. You could instantly get scouted for positions. 

A Coworking Space for Parents

Most people think of a “student” as someone in K-12, or undergraduate school. The reality, though, is that the profile of a “student” has changed. Thousands of non-traditional students are going back to school, and many of them are parents. A coworking space for parents who are also students can be invaluable. After all, it’s tough to study when you have the kids in the background continually making noise and asking you questions. You may not even have a place in your house to spread all of your study materials out. In situations like this, a coworking environment can be invaluable, as you’ll get the dedicated space you need to give your studies your full attention, without the kids driving you crazy. 

Ready to Make the Most of Coworking for Your Academic Career?

If you believe coworking is the perfect next step for you as a student, we can help. At Office Evolution, we provide unique coworking spaces that cater to students like you. We offer comfortable group seating areas, dedicated quiet spaces, and lots of great amenities and perks like free coffee! It’s the perfect place to study your subject, and with 24/7 access, you can study any time you like. To learn more about how Office Evolution can help enhance your academic career, contact us today.