All Industries: Coworking Space for Creatives and Artists

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The number of coworking spaces across the United States continues to increase, and studies continue to show that individuals thrive in coworking spaces in almost every sector of the economy. Coworking space for creatives seems just as popular as coworking space for IT professionals. Why does coworking space for artists, or for any professional, really seem like the best idea? It all comes down to what helps creatives thrive in a work environment. 

What is Coworking?

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of coworking generally, it may help to define it. Coworking is really just a shared space used by “micropreneurs”, small companies, those working remotely, and more. It’s a typical environment that allows all of those individuals to share the needed equipment to work, a cup of coffee during downtime, and even knowledge and connections. The entire idea is to gather these creative people and let the ideas begin to flow into your own work. 

Why Is Coworking Space for Creatives a Good Idea?

There are a number of reasons that coworking space for creatives is helpful to the process. The first is that it can help you see your work as meaningful. When you’re surrounded by other creatives and artists, it’s easy to begin to strengthen your own identity. Keep in mind that in a traditional office environment, this isn’t always the case. In a coworking space, though, as a creative, you have the opportunity to pursue your own passions alongside others who are doing the same thing, and that can be incredibly powerful. 

Another reason coworking space for artists and other creatives is useful is that it builds a sense of community. It’s hard to compare artists and creatives, and as a result, you get hundreds of unique skill sets in one fantastic space in a coworking environment. That gives them a chance to connect and maybe even help each other in some settings. It truly is collaboration at its best. 

Additionally, it gives creatives job control. Most coworking spaces are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you are a creative trying to meet a deadline or looking to show progress, though, that may come at various times of the day. Perhaps you get stuck and need a long break to take a walk or go to the gym. Maybe you suddenly need a quiet space so you can focus. Perhaps you just suddenly need to be surrounded by the frenzy of people doing what they do best. Maybe you need a day at home. Whatever it is, a coworking space can help accommodate that. You have a space to be if you need a routine, but you also have the flexibility you need to develop your work. 

What to Look for In Coworking Space for Artists

Do you think a coworking space might be the ideal way to advance your own creativity? There are many coworking spaces available for artists, but not all of them are created equally. Ensure you find a space that offers at least these qualities. 

  • An Energetic Environment: Inspiration is everywhere, but it’s probably not going to be in a space that looks like a traditional office environment with poorly colored industrial carpet squares and blocky desks. Instead, creatives need a coworking space with the perfect design and features that can help inspire you day after day. You want a beautiful, clean space that helps the ideas flow from your mind to your next big project. 
  • A Strong Community: One of the key benefits many people cite when they talk about coworking is the community created in that space, and that’s as important for artists as it is for those in other industries. You want to engage in great relationships that help you be more productive, and your coworking space should have lots of other artists and creatives who are willing to exchange ideas and feedback to help further what you’re working on. They will be the people you can turn to again and again to flesh out your ideas. 
  • The Right Amenities: Not all coworking spaces have the amenities you need to craft your next project, so you’ll want to look for one that does. Naturally, you need plenty of physical space to build your next great idea, and for you, that might mean table space or a spot to store your equipment. Others, though, may need other amenities. The sky is the limit. You can easily find a space that offers you lounge seating, private offices, an on-premise gym, and snack bars that will help you refresh when you need it most. You can also find those that offer dedicated conference room space that will help you connect with others when you need it. At the very minimum, you’ll get mail and phone service so you can connect with new potential clients or buyers. Think about what you need in a space, make a list, then search for a space that manages to do that for you. 
  • Quiet Space: Working with others around you can be incredibly helpful, but it’s just as important that you have quiet space in some settings as well. Look for a coworking space that provides you with both – the quiet when you need it and the vibrant community when you need to be among others. 

Office Evolution – The Ideal Space for Creatives

If you’re searching for the right coworking space for creatives, you won’t find a better option than Office Evolution. With a professional, vibrant environment, here you can work with others who can support your work and develop the community you want most. Our comfortable spaces offer you all of the amenities you need to truly create something better. From quiet spaces to those where you can connect with others, we offer the perfect coworking environment. To learn more about how our coworking spaces might fit into your creativity, contact us today.