5 Things to Look for In a Private Office Space

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We talk about collaboration and communication amongst colleagues all the time; being able to seamlessly and efficiently connect with those we work with is essential. Not only does it allow us to iron out day-to-day details, brainstorm, and share innovative ideas, it makes the workplace feel much less isolated. We have also talked about this issue frequently, especially in light of the pandemic. No one wants to feel “separate” or “other” when working; 83% of us want to work in the office at least some of the time versus being completely remote. So in this post, we dive into things to look for in a private office space.

The majority of workers (over 50%) prefer private office space. A place where they can think, work and speak without interruption. We love a “traditional” office – and the door we can open or close as we wish!

At the same time, it is becoming more and more expensive for entrepreneurs and businesses to lease office space. From rent, to overhead, to the problem of being stuck with too much or too little space or that which no longer works for you, the conventional office is, for many professionals, obsolete. We prefer an office – but not one that is restrictive – or cost-prohibitive. So what’s the answer?

Finding private office space for rent. This is the key to being able to work effectively and efficiently, to feel connected, yet being able to close your door, to controlling costs… to building your business.

What should you look for in a private office space?

  1. Location

We’re not saying that the only factor is “It’s all about location, location, location.” But… it is a big one. You’re an up and coming, innovative business, and it makes sense to be in the heart of the action so you can more easily access not only the workplace but so other stakeholders in your business (e.g. prospective and current clients/customers, vendors, partners, colleagues, etc.) can access you. 

A great location puts you in proximity to transportation options, stores, restaurants, hotels, services, parking, and other amenities. For example, if you have an out-of-town client coming in for a meeting, they can easily find accommodations, a place to get a bite to eat, and a simple route in and out from major roadways and the airport. Or, if you have a team that is typically remote, you can bring them together for important gatherings, events, and training without missing a beat.

The right location also reflects well upon your business; essentially, you can leverage the cache of a desirable area, giving your business and yourself as a professional an extra burnish of legitimacy. 

  1. Ease and Convenience

Think about the process of finding a location and booking private office space. How simple is it? You should not have to “travel” more than a few clicks for a phone number or to secure your booking. 

If your first point of contact with the private office provider is the internet (and likely it is!), then their website should be easy to navigate, and it should provide you with all the information you need for a successful relationship. If the booking is a pain, what other areas might be burdensome or cumbersome going forward?

  1. Accommodations and Amenities

Start at the beginning: does the provider offer the type of space you need? You want private office space, but it is also worth looking at whether you could opt for a desk in a coworking area and/or a conference room for larger gatherings. First, are these available, and how easy is it to secure these accommodations when you need them?

Also look at other amenities offered, which may include a shared receptionist to greet guests, free wireless internet and phones, use of copiers and other office equipment, a kitchen and/or lounge space, AV equipment, and screens for presentations and training, etc.

  1. Inclusive Services

When you rent private office space, it should be plug-and-play. One of the major perks of these arrangements is that you don’t need to worry about overhead or day-to-day operational issues. For example, maintenance and cleaning should be included – as are the comfy office chairs!

  1. Workplace Environment

Finally, look at the overall environment. Is this space conducive to work? Is it modern, clean, comfortable, inviting? Would you be comfortable, and even proud, to meet clients, customers, prospective employees, partners, or vendors here? In business, image matters. Your image creates an impression on clients and stakeholders, and a professional space conveys stability, solidity, and polish.

Do you need workplace solutions that are as agile and flexible as you are? Do you need an office to optimize productivity and efficiency? Do you want to be around other professionals while having a room of your own? 

Office Evolution offers welcoming, contemporary, inclusive solutions in the most sought-after, desirable locations. Make the most of your private office space. If you are looking for private office space to rent, contact Office Evolution.