5 Benefits of Hybrid Work Model

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What are the benefits of a hybrid work model? Ask a parent who needs to take a few hours to bring their child to a doctor’s appointment. Ask someone who is working towards their degree and needs to study before a big exam. Ask an experienced WFH professional who could use some time to catch up and collaborate with their colleagues. Ask an employer who is trying to find, and retain, the best people for their company. In other words, the benefits of hybrid work model are varied and can impact everyone within an organization. If your work can be completed remotely and to the standard required  – why isn’t it? Why adhere to a model that demands everyone clock in and be at their desks from X:00 – Y:00? Why impede your career and growth goals to stick with a butt-in-the-chair mentality?

Increasingly, employees are demanding more flexibility – and employers are responding with hybrid options. It’s about time! 

5 Benefits of Hybrid Work Model 

Why does a hybrid model make sense for so many organizations?

  1. Increased Productivity and Satisfaction

Think about a time when you really really did not want to be at work. Did you do your best? Did you shine? Did you wow clients or customers? Likely not. When there is more flexibility in terms of where and how we work, our output tends to be much more positive. A hybrid model allows people to leverage their strengths, have agency over their own time and schedules, at least to some extent, and enjoy an environment that is most conducive to their needs. This can fuel engagement, satisfaction, and performance. 

  1. Stronger Relationships

Remote work is terrific – but there is often no good substitute for face-to-face interactions. Even the most diehard WFH professional appreciates the opportunity to interface, collaborate, and socialize with colleagues on occasion. A hybrid model builds in chances for in-person connections that go beyond meetings; a chance run-in in the hall or chat over coffee can boost morale and enhance company culture. 

Hybrid work model best practices should encompass opportunities to meet in person for work and more casual encounters.

  1. Healthier, Happier Teams

Working remotely eliminates many stresses, from the daily commute to juggling home/life responsibilities. It also adds some in terms of feeling disconnected or isolated. Again, hybrid models integrate the benefits of both approaches to allow for workplaces that accommodate a variety of needs. When people can swap strain for positivity, and swap stress for connectedness, it results in healthier, happier teams – and this has a big impact on productivity, performance, and ultimately profitability. 

When hybrid work model best practices focus on the betterment and enrichment of their people, everyone wins.

  1. Cost Savings

On the employer side, offering greater flexibility can translate into cost savings. You can avoid some of the overhead associated with running a business, scale down your physical office presence, and invest more carefully in technology and other solutions that allow your business to charge full speed ahead.

For employees, flexible options reduce costs associated with commutes and other expenses necessary to function in the workplace.

  1. Becoming an “Employer of Choice”

As mentioned, more employees want to work with companies that offer them options when it comes to how and where they will work. When they do so, they achieve a reputation as an employer of choice and can more effectively recruit and retain talent.

The Choice Is Yours

What are the benefits of hybrid work model workplaces in the upcoming years? Will you continue “business as usual” in a world that is anything but “usual”? Increasingly, the answer is NO! Build flexibility into your approach – and enjoy the rewards when it comes to productivity, satisfaction, engagement, recruitment and retainment, and profitability. 

Office Evolution offers a number of flexible solutions that are tailor-made for your business. From coworking and shared space to private offices and conference rooms, you have the space you need to fully flex your professional muscles.

Whether you run a business or work within one, Office Evolution has the answers for which you have been searching. Contact our team today at our Tampa locations in Westshore, Tampa or Downtown Tampa – Harbour Island to learn more.