5 Advantages of Coworking Space

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There’s little doubt that coworking spaces are going anywhere in the near future. The Pandemic has created a huge change in the way we work. Some of the hottest new startups have benefitted from coworking space at one point or another, but if you’re not yet sold on this option for your company, it may help to take a look at some of the advantages of coworking space you could be experiencing if you opted for it. 

  1. Fewer Expenses: Startups and small companies alike have far smaller budgets than bigger operations. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the need for office space and equipment. With coworking spaces, you get the advantage of a big-company budget, without the cost. You immediately gain access to desk space, conference rooms, WiFi, print facilities, and even cleaning staff, without the overhead that often comes with owning or leasing your own office. For many of today’s smallest companies, saving money where possible in the early stages is a large key to success down the road, and renting a coworking space is one great way to keep costs down while maximizing effectiveness. 
  2. Higher Productivity Rates: Staying productive from your home office can be complicated. One of the biggest advantages of coworking space, though, is that they tend to make people more productive. Wondering why? Studies have shown that those in coworking spaces feel more engaged and motivated, and much of that comes down to the connections you’re able to make in that place. Often that means you are happier in the space, and when you’re surrounded by incredibly motivated entrepreneurs, you’re likely to boost your own productivity because you’re happier to be part of the team. 
  3. Networking Bonuses: That same connection that boosts your productivity can do something else for your business as well – connect you with professionals you might not otherwise meet, and that may mean growing your company in a way you didn’t really think about previously. Imagine, for example, you connect with an app developer that could be truly beneficial to many of your clients. Perhaps you can meet some of the needs of their clients as well, and that connection you just made could help both of you down the road. 
  4. Space Flexibility: Today, you just need a desk. Tomorrow, you might need a private office. Down the road, you may need a conference room to chat with potential investors. The private office vs. cubicle debate doesn’t apply here. Instead, coworking spaces mean you instantly have access to all of that in one single facility. Whether you need a hot desk for an incoming temporary employee, you want some collaboration areas, or you just want a place to set your laptop, coworking spaces give you exactly what you need in a flexible environment. If you’re growing, that may be key to your success. The ability to expand and contract as needed is a great way to meet the ongoing, changing needs of your small company right now. 
  5. A Real Office:If you’re sitting at home, you may never get the space you need away from your startup. Coworking spaces offer you a real office, which may lead to better structure in your day. You have a spot to arrive at every morning, and once you leave, you can walk away from your company’s development, which may help provide you with a better work-life balance as you work to get your company off the ground. 

Not all of the advantages of coworking spaces may be applicable to your business right now, but no matter what your professional needs are, the simple truth is that coworking is the right fit for many small businesses working to get things moving. Vibrant, shared spaces, fresh opportunities abound when you’re coworking, and the chances are good that you’re going to find inspiration around every corner. Learn more about what’s available in your area now. Reach out to us today!